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Least Common Races of Teyrnas

Dark Elves
Light Elves
Light Elves

An ancient native race of Teyrnas, they are akin to the Sidhe though not of the Sidhe.
There was once one race of elves but after the war 600 years ago they split into two distinct groups of elves.
Light Elves and Dark Elves.
The Light Elves are the tallest, the males average height is 6'3"and their average weight is 178 lbs.
The average height for a female Light Elf is 5'10"and their average weight is 139 lbs.
The Light elves live in the Sainred forest in the country of Dal Ria-da on the continent of Rhydaman.
The clothing the Light Elves wear are made from spider silk which generally are in bright hues unless they don't want to be seen, then the clothing is wrapped under a cloak that blends with the surrounding area. The clothing consists for men breeches and tunics, somtimes they may wear breeches which come just below the knee with knee high leather boots.
For the female Light Elf they mainly wear skirts and tunics and when in the Elven court Dresses.
The Light Elves have a Royal family and hold a court, they also tend to travel to and from Feylinn quite regulary.
With the Light Elves being of the Fey Folk the cannot weild or wear weapons or armour of iron or iron's warmer cousin steel as it will cause them great pain. Wounds that are caused by iron weapons will take longer to heal if they heal at all.