Welcome to Teyrnas - a world of heroes and adventure
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Geography: Explore the lands and travel across the oceans of Teyrnas, visit cities and while in a city visit the library or cartographers to see maps of the known world. Explore the ruins of ancient cities

People: Meet the inhabatants of Teyrnas from powerful mages to normal citizens. Talk to heros or the Fiana that have taken upon themselves to keep the peace and balance of good.

Fauna: Take extra care when travelling the lands or seas of Teyrnas some of the local wildlife are extremely dangerous, especially the Dragon and Basilisks. Though don't be too sure of yourself if you haven't met any Dragons or Basilisks as just around the bend or fork could be something as equally dangerous

Legends: Hear tales of how the world was made from the people. Why the world is magical from the mages and read about the magic treasures said to be lost

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