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Common Races

A native nocturnal or subterranean race of Teyrnas.
The Coblyn are actually a group of humanoids ranging from the lesser Coblyn to the greater Coblyn.
The Coblyns are generally clannish and territorial.
Usually a greater Coblyn are the leaders of lesser Coblyns.
Lesser Coblyns average height is 4'4" weight is 85 lbs, while greater Coblyns average height is 7'6" weight is 625 lbs. Greater Coblyns are stronger and mainly made of muscle and sinew on a frame of thick bones.
The skin tones of Coblyns are generally black, though there have been reports of Coblyns with white skin or even piebald.
Coblyns wear leather breeches and other animal skins for clothes.
Language: Coblyns use a variety of languages, which depends on the locality of where they are situated in the world of Teyrnas; they also have their own language, which is just a serious of grunts or barks with the occasional hand gesture.
Society: Coblyns are clannish and territorial and generally ruled by the strongest tribe member or for the lesser Coblyns ruled by the greater Coblyns, this is not the case for one lesser coblyn tribe who is ruled by a lesser coblyn witch doctor called Ragnor, in warrens in the hills or mountains, with the female and younglings separated from the main tribe and bred from either by the tribe leader or a favorite or specially noted tribe member which has help the tribe in some way. Clans range from about 50 plus warriors.
Culture: Coblyn culture is crude compared to the Sidhe or Dal Ria-dans, as they seem to be continuously at war with themselves other races and sometimes even the environment, what they make good are weapons which is almost as good as the Dwarf weapons. Ragnor's tribe are a new breed onto themselves in that they have symbols painted on themselves, most likely copied from the Fiana they have seen, unfortunately this body paint is made from excrement.
Military: other than the females and younglings all the adult males are a military force, they range from wolf riders, archers to warriors.