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Races of the continent of Rhyadaman

Dal Ria-dans

The native race of Mor-leidr are humans who call themselves Mor-leidr and are related to the Dal Ria-dans if you go back through the ages.
They live in the cold wastes to the north of Dal Ria-da. The average height for a male is 6' and weight is 172 lbs. The average height for a female is 5'9" and weight is 166 lbs. The complexions of the Mor-leidr are pale; the men are weather beaten, while the women are smooth skinned. Their eye colour is generally blue or blue grey While their hair ranges from Strawberry blonde to Auburn. Most men sport Beards that are braided while the women sport long braided hair. The males clothing consists of breeches and tunics of various hues and the women's consists of a skirt and blouse of various hues.
Language: The Mor-leidr speak a language which isn't dissimilar to Dal Ria-dan, as the root of the language came from the same root as modern Dal Ria-dan which is Old Dal Ria-dan. The language like the people is called Mor-leidr.
Society: The society of the Mor-leidr consists of clans ruled by kings called thanes. The nobles are called Jarls, with chieftains as the lesser nobles, the freeman are workers and warriors while the Thralls are slaves or hostages depending if they are noble or not.
Culture: The Mor-leidr do have a culture though with all that they have borrowed from other societies it's are to discern what is theirs and what isn't.
Military: The military power of the Mor-leidr consists of two parts, sea and land, which they brought together to form a military that can strike from the sea to attack lands or attack shipping with equal ferocity.