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Races of the continent of Rhyadaman

Dal Ria-dans
Dal Ria-dans

The native race of Dal Ria-da are humans who call themselves Dal Ria-dans. The Dal Ria-dans are varied in height, weight and complexion depending on which province of Dal Ria-da they come from.
The people of Findais are tall, the males averaging in height of 6'2 and weight 185 lbs, the females average in height of 5'11 and weight 166 lbs. 90% of the population's complexions are light skinned with hair ranging in the reddish tones and the eye colouring are predominatly green or blue.
The people of Gorias are the next tallest with the males averaging in height of 6'0 and weight 172 lbs, the females average in height of 5'9 and weight 154 lbs. 85% of the population's complexions are light skinned with hair colouring in the blond tones with the eye colouring predominatly in the blues blues and greys.
The people of Murias are slight shorter than the people of Gorias, the average height of a male is 5'10" and weight 160 lbs. The average height for a female is 5'7" and weight is 142 lbs. The complexions of the Murias people are average and they have a variety of hair and eye colouring.
The shortest of the Dal Ria-dans are the people of Falia with the average height of a male at 5'8" and weight 148 lbs and the female's average height is 5'5" and weight is 132 lbs. The complexions of the people are darker then their brethren in the north and range from tawny to swarthy with dark brown to black hair and hazel or brown eyes.
Most Dal Ria-dan males generally sport moustaches unless they are of the wisemen then they sport beards and have their heads tonsured. They wear their hair long. The females have their hair long and loose or sometimes braided. Clothing is usually bright coloured that has been dyed from the native flora and generally consists for males a tunic and kilt and for females a dress or tunic and skirt.
Society: The society of the Dal Ria-dans is comprised of septs and clans. There were once seven clans and now there is only four, as one clan became the Mor-leidr another clan was decimated with the destruction of the citadel of Dalriada and the third clan lost. Each clan occupies and rules a province of Dal Ria-da. Clan Uscias rules Findais, Clan Simias rules Murias, Clan Esias rules Gorias and Clan Morfessa rules Falia. Each clan has seven septs, with one sept, which just belongs to the said clan, and the other six septs that have ties with the other clans. Each Clan rules from a citadel of the same name as the province they rule, this is the hub of society and where every person in the province lives. At the time of this writing each citadel comprised of 10 000 people give or take a few hundred. Extensive farming rules the land around the citadels producing the necessary food to feed the citadel. Language: Each province has their own language but it's a dialect of a much older language, (old Dal Ria-dan), which was used in the city of Dal Riada.
Culture: Dal Ria-da culture is vibrant in the arts and entertainment. They also have a good prowess in the art of war.
Military: The organization of the Dal Ria-dans' military power is comprised of bands of warriors of 3000 men called the Fiana. Each of the provinces has one Fian. The fian patrol the province to keep down bandits and Coblyns. Many of the fian are champions that have been trained at the school of Scathach. The School of Scathach mainly trains the men in single combat for challenges, which each of the Fian will issue to their enemy. This isn't much good against creatures who attack in force.