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Name: Richard Glendining

Location: I live in a midland city called Palmerston North in Aotearoa.
(New Zealand)

Appearence: My height is between 5'11" and 6'.
I am of thin build and quite wiry, my natural hair colour is light brown though I sometimes dye it depending on the mood.
I am daring but not dashing, I would call myself average looking
I guess I'm fairly fit from walking to work and Medieval combat/dance
Also I have been noted to have a quirky sense of humour.
But I think this is due to my personality and up bringing.
My up bringing is Traditional Celtic.

Occupation: Machine Operator at a local Manufacturing Comapany

History: I was born in a South Waikato town called Putaruru and lived in a small village 11 km west called Arapuni which is an old hydro village built for the workers who worked at the power plant. I went to Arapuni primary school till I was eleven then Putaruru Intermediate for 2 years then Putaruru High School. I wasn't a very good scholor was more of a dreamer, really never showed my potential, just took a cruise through out my whole high school life. Went to Waikato Polytechnic in Hamilton to study land Surveying, found the land surveying side was good but that course was only a part course so had to do civil engineering which I didn't like much. so changed my course for the following year into Horticulture so I could do the landscape design course the following year
1993 I came down to Plamerston North to further educate myself in Horticulture they were in the middle of changing the degree and the following year they offered the bhort students to do Bapplied science, I was put off as they didn't credit any of my Hort year from polytech and had to do vertiually the same year I did at Waikato Polytech over.
Money was also a factor and found a job with a landscape designer for part of the year, which of course interupted my studies as I was more interested in working.
In 1994 started work at a local factory part time as a general labourer and worked my way into doing fulltime export dispatch.
In year 2000 the company was re-structuring and the export was being dealt with the companys' other site and I was lucky that another department in the same company had a job coming up, fulltime nightshift machine operator.
I have been writing poetry off and on since 1989, most of my poems are from the heart. My poems are basically my frustrations and points of veiw of how I perceive the world

I am my poems my poems are me
they are a reflection of a spherical obeject
and how I perceive the world.

The above three lines some it up, I don't call my poems good or that I have a talent for poetry. Friends of mine think most of my poems are good and I should get published, but being a poet there is only a small portion of the worlds population who read poems and publishing cost so much. I decided to do a webpage dedicated to my poems and other bits of writing. A cheep way of publishing free to the world to veiw and still copyrighted under my name. Being of celtic descent story-telling and poetry are in the blood.

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