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what is it:

From the New Zealand Oxford Dictionary love is describe as a deep affection or fondness for person or thing; sexual passion, sexual relations; beloved one, sweetheart, affectionate greeting etc.
What does it really mean to US as a breathing, thinking, emotional person. I mean there's many forms of love.. the love of family, mother, father, sister etc., the love of ones pet, the love of ones friends.
Then of course the love of that someone very special that you want to be with for the rest of your life, unconditional love.
For each of these things the love is different except for the one we want to be with for the rest of our lives why is this, I'm not sure it just happens, how do we know when we are in love, well depending on the person, certain things tend to happen.
Sighing all the time especially when that said person isn't there at the time.
Loss of appetite, playing around with food on the plate or not eating entirely.
Always having a smile or a dreamy look on your face no matter where you are.
Thinking about that said person all the time.
Also sleepless nights though you don't feel tired
And something I have been know to do this and that is say her name with your surname or if you're a women with his surname and see if it rolls off the tongue.
What is love to me.. hard to explain, for me love is an emotional high, feeling really good inside, not having a care of what's happening around you which if you are working in a hazardous area can be slightly dangerous. Feeling gooey inside, like i said hard to explain. What is this unconditional love you saw mentioned, my understanding of it, is you care for someone so deeply that there's no constraints on the relationship, or there is a mutual agreement on the relationship like say you both didn't want children. Also i feel that you talk things through a lot before doing something just to get the partners ideas on something, I remember when my parents decided to rent the house out and go house trucking they talked it through with one another, and they came to agreement that being crafts people it was the best idea. Another thing about unconditional love is you don't mind the others quirks or faults, like leaving the cap off the toothpaste or the toilet set being left up, tubes being squeezed from the centre instead of the end. Ok they may irritate you, though you find talking about it doesn't work as they will stop doing for a short time then forget about it and start doing it again, just don't worry about it or set things right again by putting the toothpaste cap back on.. putting the toilet seat down and making sure that the tube are all squeezed from the end.

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Author: Richard Glendinning
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