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Friendship, according to the New Zealand oxford dictonary: Person with whom one enjoys mutual affection and regard exclusive of sexual or family bond's.
So the dictionary is saying that it's a relationship of good will and fond feelings which isn't a lover or a member of your family.
The thing about relationships when you do enter one and you find that you are both compatible with each other. And been together with one another for a while and then one thing leads to another and you split up and the other partner who asked for the split says can we just be friends.
How can you be just friends after been into something that was more intimate than friendship?
The answer to this question is itís very hard too, you will not be close friends and you will also be cagey of what you say to this person from that day on. You will try and treat them like all your other friends but having had that intimate contact and feeling very hurt at the same time it doesnít lead to a good friendship. Ok some people will tell me that I am wrong.
Well they may be the lucky few that donít have residual feelings for their old partners especially if they were the ones to call it off, itís hard for the person on the other side that cares for and loves them still.
Some people who often call the relationship of often regrets the choice they have done but wont admit to themselves that it was wrong, this is another aspect of why they want to be still friends, subconsciously they regret it.
You can tell this by the way the act, or via their moods, sighing often, wanting to be with their old partners still and most consistently depressed.
Letís see oh yes, we were talking about being friends still after having an intimate relationship. It may be wise may not be, myself I know what I have done in the past and have regretted not being friends with them other times it has been a blessing. But you as an individual should chose yourself of what you are going to do, as you know fully what it is about.

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Author: Richard Glendinning
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