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Life is quite funny if you can look and reflect on the nature of it. In most instances you can see the funny side of life. Most people cannot see the funny side of life and tend to take life seriously. (I almost feel sorry for them.) They tend to get all wrapped into the material aspect of life, and wonder why things tend to happen the way they do. For instance take a relationship, this has got to be one of the funniest things that happens in everybody's life at one time or another. Heres the funny side of it (this should be taken with a grain of salt.) It's a strange concept but then most interesting revolutionaries had these.


If you look at a human relationship like any solar system that has an Oort at the very depths of the outside edge, you can find a similarity to it. Take for instance that you or I were the sun (it doesn't matter who is what) and you or I were a piece of rock and ice in the Oort cloud. (Again it doesn't matter who is what.) They are both happily going about their own business, until some strange phenomenon happens and the piece of rock and ice is pushed in to asituation where the suns' gravity will pull it along. Anyway this comet (that's what we'll call it) gets attracted to the sun, while at the same time the sun tries to reach-out as the comet whizzes by just outside the sun's reach. The sun thinks that wasn't very nice by maybe next time, but the same thing happens to the sun again. The sun again thinks this wasn't very nice but maybe next time. This time the comet is coming straight towards the sun, and the sun goes all gooey inside waiting for the comet, then all of a sudden one of the planets that is revolving around the sun (this could be a close friend or an acquaintance of you or I) collects the comet. The sun isn't amused and sends out some solar flares at the planet, they planet totally ignores the sun. But then the sun thinks there's plenty more comets where that comet came from, maybe next time. Now there is a Moral to this little story. You could wait like the sun hoping that eventually something might come your way, or you could tell the current people around you how you feel about them, hoping that they share the same feelings towards you.

Other wise you might as well be chasing a comet.

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Author: Richard Glendinning
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